IPH Group is a specialist in technical solutions for the industrial and mining sectors. Our specialization, our commitment to quality and our experience have made us a leading company in these fields.


Scanning system for HDS (High-Definition Surveying)


Complete field of view 360 degrees x 270 with high precision


Long range (300m and 90% reflectivity)


High-speed scanning (50,000 points / sec)


Compatible with standard measuring equipment


Scanning for more interior and exterior applications

Cost Saving

Up to 90% saving when compared to traditional methods


The Laser Scanner is perfect for performing reverse engineering and assessing interferences of projects with existing systems.

  • Reforms and extensions: accurate 3D documents showing the actual situation as a basis for reform and extension planning.
  • Site supervision: improves the coordination of the different tasks and documentation and complete supervision of all related work.


In mining it can be used to control the execution of tasks, geotechnics, slope stabilization or thickness control.

  • Surveying of inaccessible zones both in open pit mining (cut quarry faces and…..) underground mining (shrinkage stoping, unstable galleries etc).
  • Predictive Maintenance with cutting-edge technology: continuous monitoring of the state of deformation and deterioration of cladding and coverings of equipment, buildings, infrastructures forewarning of possible defects.
  • 3D Tunnel Surveying. 3D surveying of the area where conveyers, monorails, ventilation ducts and gas extraction pipes or new vehicle pass, eliminates inaccuracies and means the designs are safer.


Scanning using laser techniques enables us to capture images on a mass scale, both quickly and accurately. The possibilities of analysis that the point clouds, taken by laser scanner, of buildings have, and the derived products are endless.

  • Facade Inspections : three-dimensional measurement inspection of materials and façade parts before assembly.
  • Inspection and maintenance of structures: rapid and cost effective control of the specified load bearing capacity of supporting structures as well as wear and tear.
  • Work Progress: accurate geometric record of the state of a building as a basis for reform or extension.


For restoration purposes, scientific analysis, building protection or virtual presentations of historical sites for those visitors who don’t have access, our 3D scanning system lets us document and detail historical works and sites.