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The new dimension in Measuring Technology


1000 pts/sec up to 300m. Millimetric scanning accuracy

Robust Design

The highest IP coefficient in the market. MIL standards endurance tested


Best in speed and acceleration. Automated prism search

Wide-angle camera

Video prism capture to 20Hz. Automatic capture of panoramic images

Point Clouds

Automatic focus(tracking) of point clouds. 3D point cloud viewer

Extensive Reach

Reach without prism around 2000m

The Leica Nova MS50 combines all measuring technologies in only one device, including an accurate 3D scanner , digital images and GNSS connectivity. A revolutionary solution with advanced measuring technology that offers accuracy and exceptional quality. This device integrates 3D point cloud measuring in the daily workflow and lets us compile and visualize topographic survey data together with a highly accurate detailed analysis.

We use advanced measuring technologies that provide us with accuracy and exceptional quality

The station has a wide-angle camera and coaxial one with 30x zoom and automatic focus. The advanced image processing technology offers videos and live image transmission of the highest quality.

If you need to measure objects at a site, or monitor a dam, or a bridge or scan the facade of a building you need accurate and reliable data. The Leica Nova MS50 station perfectly integrates all of these capabilities in one compact solution.