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Nautical Drone

Bathymetries manned by remote control. IPH uses the bathymetric survey technology with an eco-probe integrated in a nautical drone, this allows us to perform bathymetries (cartography of submerged areas) manned by remote control. This equipment is designed to work in special waters, such as mining rafts, old short, or industrial reservoirs, where human presence represents a risk to the health of workers. In this sense, we have opted for new technologies, developing our own system that makes our equipment unique and without competition in the market for the realization of this type of measurements. Performing the navigation missions with autopilot, our nautical drone precisely and autonomously executes the navigation lines that have previously been designed by technicians, thus greatly increasing the quality of the data collection, since homogeneity is guaranteed of the topographic points measured at the bottom of the reservoir. In conclusion, safety and effectiveness are two concepts that perfectly define our product. The system has been fully developed by the R&D department, which allows it to be constantly evolving, both in hardware and software. We have a unique team without competition, designed and developed by our R&D department The advantages of our system over traditional bathymetric methods are: Increased safety for personnel: reducing contact with contaminated water and exposure time to solar radiation. Cost Reduction: since it is operated by a single person. Real-time data: immediate availability of measurement results. Less weight and draft: which allow obtaining accurate measurements in shallow water. Reduction of noise level, and environmental pollution: thanks to the use of small electric motors.