IPH Group is a specialist in technical solutions for the industrial and mining sectors. Our specialization, our commitment to quality and our experience have made us a leading company in these fields.

Topographic Engineering

In IPH we currently have the latest cutting edge technologies for multiple applications. This technical commitment enables us to carry out our day-to-day work with greater precision, speed and safety whilst reducing operative costs and increasing our final product quality and clearly differentiates us from our competitors.

Reference Networks

We perform the installation and monitoring of reference networks in different projects, improved by using a gyroscope (currently only used in Spain) to determine the interior azimuth. Using this system measurements can be taken much faster and are more precise making it ideal for; directional inspections, tunnel building and shaft baseline implementation or to verify the true azimuth.

Laser Scanner

The Laser Scanner is perfect for performing reverse engineering and assessing interferences of projects with existing systems. It can also be used in mining; to control the execution of tasks, geotechnics, slope stabilization or thickness control. In architecture and heritage it can be applied as a consultancy tool in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D modeling of cloud points.

Mining topography

In IPH we have over 10 years of experience working on underground and open pit mining. For this type of work we have available a highly skilled team of experts in mining topography capable of carrying out layouts, taking daily measurements and inspecting mining exploitations. Our company has its own internal protocol and procedures to develop this work.

Fleet of drones

IPH has been accredited by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) as an authorized drone operator. We currently have various multirotor and fixed wing drones used for mapping work, landscape modeling, orthophotography, thermography, non visible light spectrum photography and multimedia tasks. This cutting edge technology brings added value to the services we offer to our clients.


We take bathymetric measurements using underwater surface surveys with unmanned and automatic technology. In this way we continue to show our commitment to the latest and newest technologies developing our own system which makes this equipment unique and unrivalled in the current market for the execution of this type of measuring work. It also allows us to work with greater safety, speed, effectiveness and accuracy.

Traditional topography

We develop all types of topographic work always offering our clients the highest quality

  • Surveying
  • Measuring, layouts and high precision leveling
  • Topographic assessments, demarcations and cadastral (civil) works
  • Geodetic Network Monitoring
  • Monitoring of major structures
  • Subsidence surveys