IPH Group is a specialist in technical solutions for the industrial and mining sectors. Our specialization, our commitment to quality and our experience have made us a leading company in these fields.

About us

IPH was set up in 2000 offering Engineering and Topography services and Project Drafting specializing in the Mining and Industrial sectors. Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to consolidate our position in the market as a technological benchmark in the mining, topography and environmental sectors.

The mission, vision and strategy is available to interested parties.


The beginning

IPH is a company set up to provide Engineering and Topography services specializing in the Mining sector.


Environmental and Underground Mining Projects

We incorporated into our catalogue of services Environmental and Underground Mining Projects.


Kickoff in Photogrammetry

We become pioneers in Photogrammetry.


Aerial Drone Mapping Orthophotos

SAMBA is developed, our exploration system which carries out aerial inspections of areas of difficult access.


Nautical Drone

MAMBO is developed, our bathymetry system (exploration in detail of depths and surfaces in aquatic environments).


Scanner/BIM Leica C10 3D Modelling

With our continued commitment to innovation we incorporate the latest scanning technology.


ISO 9001/14001

Our Quality Management System and Environmental Management System are certified to ISO 9001.


OHSAS 18001

Our Occupational Health and Safety Management material is certified.



IPH is committed to technological innovation as its main tool to increase productivity and competitiveness. In order to achieve this IPH has initiated various research projects to create prototypes and develop current unrivalled technologies. This has allowed the company to continue growing and remain in constant development.

Social Responsibility

IPH is committed to our society and one of its initiatives that demonstrates this is its Preventive Training Courses in the Mining Sector under the ITC/1316/2008 Order, May ugh with approval to offer Complimentary Technical Training 02.1.02 “ Preventive Training for Job Performance “ of The General Basic Mining Safety Norms. These training courses are aimed at the unemployed and are given in various towns in the mining region of Huelva.

We also carry out sponsoring campaigns for local football teams. We are already collaborating with Perez Cubillas Sports Association in Huelva and Aljaraque’s Sports School. By doing this we aim to help to promote team sport activities and the values gained from them i.e. teamwork, cooperation, goal achievement from a young age.