Technical Office


Specialists in solving complex issues

We offer the best technical criteria to obtain the most beneficial result.

IPH has 20 years of experience operating as an SME in the engineering sector in an area with a strong mining and industrial presence. We know how to adapt to the client’s needs and communicate positively and efficiently with the Administration, offering the best technical criteria agreed with all interested parties to obtain the most beneficial result. We are specialised in generating solutions that unblock complex issues or that materialise in new products adapted to the client’s needs. Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility permeate our performance, which is reflected in the technical documentation, training activities and the monitoring and supervision work carried out in the development of all our work.

Project drafting and permitting.

Drafting of technical engineering projects, mainly in the mining and environmental sector. We process these projects for local, regional and national public administrations.

Technical management and health and safety

Drafting of technical engineering projects, mainly in the mining and environmental sector. We process these projects for local, regional and national public administrations.


Fully personalised training. Extensive experience in "Preventive training for the performance of the job" (mining ITC) of the General Regulations on Basic Standards for Mining Safety. Management of course subsidies through FUNDAE.

Drafting of mining and civil projects

• Technical assistance.

• Drafting of documentation for mining tenders.

• Applications for resources in sections A, B, C and D.

• Research Permits.

• Exploitation Projects

• Restoration Plans.

• Projects for the installation of beneficiation establishments.

• Asphalt agglomerate, concrete, gunite, etc. plants.

• Blasting projects.

• Closure and decommissioning of facilities.

• Mining waste deposits (dumps, ponds and dams).

• Explosives consumption deposits.

• Design of roads.

Drafting of environmental and territorial projects

• Environmental Consultancy.

• Processing of Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AAI), Unified Environmental Authorisation (AAU), Environmental Qualification (CA).

• Processing of Strategic Environmental Assessment

• Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance of authorised actions (AAI and AAU).

• Environmental impact studies.

• Initial environmental documents.

• Processing of surface and underground water concessions.

• Sectorial environmental applications.

• Health impact studies.

• Biodiversity Conservation Projects.

• Special Plans.

• Application for urban planning procedures: approval of action projects, building permits, opening licences.

• Hydrological-hydraulic and flooding studies.

• Water balances in facilities..

Social action and heritage

• Planning and Monitoring of Actions for the Socioeconomic Development of the Territory within the framework of CSR.

• Design of Strategies for the Enhancement of Cultural, Natural and Landscape Heritage linked to the use of Natural Resources.

• Diagnosis and Application of Innovative Solutions to improve Business Sustainability.

Optional Management Services in the Mining Sector

Optional Management based on the General Regulations of Basic Mining Safety Standards.

In addition, IPH provides the service of support team for the optional management.

• Preparation of work plans.

• Processing of administrative documentation.

• Technical consultancy.

• Processing of certificates.

Provision of Health and Safety services

• Drafting of Health and Safety documents.

• Drawing up a Self-Protection Plan.

• Preparation of risk assessment and planning of preventive activities.

Health and Safety Coordinator

• Health and Safety Coordination in the project phase.

• Health and Safety Coordination in the execution phase.

Coordination of Business Activities (CAE)

• Consultancy and advice on ORP matters.

• Management of CAE platforms.

Training Courses

• Mining Safety Training Course according to ITC.

• Fire-fighting courses with practical part.

• First Aid course with practical training.

• Obtaining of Gunner's Licenses according to ITC:

Gunner | Gunner's assistant | Special blasting

• Cross-cutting modules on environmental awareness, gender equality and job orientation.

• Training completely adapted to the needs of the client.