technology solutions

We offer innovative turnkey solutions with state-of-the-art technology.

From the study of the need and support in the search for the best solution, to the implementation and maintenance, designing and developing customised solutions in infrastructures. IPH Telecomunicaciones offers technical advice to companies that have the conviction to technify their production processes, accompanying the client along the way and proposing the best solutions.


We are committed to the deployment of LTE in mining environments in partnership with the main operators.

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  • IPH Telecommunications is involved in the deployment of LTE in several mines in the Iberian Peninsula together with prestigious vendors
  • We provide our knowledge of the mining environment when designing the LTE for the interior of the mine, the choice of infrastructure and specific equipment and the optimal way to approach the installation.
  • We also provide an installation team with expertise in the mining environment, who are being trained by these vendors for the installation of LTE equipment and who already have experience from several in-mine installations.
  • We are committed to the deployment of LTE in mining environments, which is why we are forging alliances with the main operators to address this market, making the most of their knowledge of the environment.

Radio communication

Turnkey solutions for solving communications problems in hostile environments.

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• Design of the technical project. Network dimensioning.

• Licensing and Certification of Installation in the Public Administration.

• Channel plan design and configuration.

• Management of the radio communication system. Installation, monitoring and maintenance of the system.

• Advice and recommendation of equipment. Renting service.

• Configuration and commissioning of equipment.

Telecommunications networks

Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of computer and telecommunications networks.

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The platform consists of 3 modules that can function independently as stand-alone products, but together they represent a powerful tool with advanced functionalities that enhance security and optimise the management of the mining operation.

VoIP Communications

Module that represents a voice, video and messaging communications system over IP networks independent of the transport infrastructure (WiFi, Ethernet, LTE, 5G,...). Due to its focus on underground mining, auxiliary tools have been implemented to optimise its operation for terminals on the move connected to a WiFi or LTE network.


We specialise in design, installation and commissioning in mining and industrial environments.

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  • Turnkey for design and commissioning.
  • Professional tools for design and measurements (Ekahau, network analyser...).
  • Audits and optimisation of existing networks.
  • Optimisation using our own software tools.
  • Choice of terminals and tests.